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Naismith Design Aztecs & Conquistadors (20 packages)

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Naismith Design Aztecs & Conquistadors (20 packages)

25mm /28mm scale

Material: Metal

Only Pkg. AZ1 was ever painted. The other 19 Pkgs. are still unopened.

Naismith Design
Aztecs & Conquistadors

AZ1 Aztec Warrior w/ spear ( painted) (3 figs.)
AZ3 Aztec Warrior, Quilted Armor, throwing spear (3 figs.)
AZ4 Aztec Warrior, quilted armor w/ spear (3 figs.)
AZ7 Aztec Warrior, quilted armor, conical helmet ( 3figs.)
AZ8 Aztec Warrior w/ Coyote helmet (3 figs.)
AZ9 Aztec Warrior, quilted armor,Quachic (3 figs.)
AZ10 Aztec Warrior Priest (3 figs.)
AZ12 Aztec Jaguar Warrior (3 figs.)
AZ14 Aztec eagle Knight (3 figs.)

AZ17 Conquistador, heavy cavalry w/ lance (1 fig.)
AZ18 Conquistador Arquebusier, firing (3 figs.)
AZ19 Conquistador Arquebusier, loading (3 figs.)
AZ20 Conquistador, crossbow, firing (3 figs.)
AZ21 Conquistador, crossbow, loading (3 figs.)
AZ22 Conquistador, Sword & Buckler, thrusting (3 figs.)
AZ24 Conquistador Officer (3 figs.)
AZ25 Conquistador Gentleman Adventurer (3 figs.)
AZ26 Conquistador w/ Pike, thrusting (3 figs.)
AZ27 Conquistador w/ pike, in reserve (3 figs.)