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Gladiatorial Arena

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Product Description
Gladiatorial Arena in 15mm

Scale:          & nbsp;         15mm (1/100 scale)
Size:          &nb sp;           21.3 cm ( 8 3/8") external Diameter
           &n bsp;                  20 cm ( 7 7/8")  internal Diameter   
           &n bsp;                  3 cm ( 1 3/16")  External Wall Height
           &n bsp;                  2.2cm ( 7/8")  Internal Wall Height


The arena is made to be used with Red Sand Blue Sky - Heroes of the Arena, from Two Hour Wargames, but can be used for other rules as well.  The RSBS grid is lightly molded onto the arena floor and makes it perfect for use with Red Sun Black Moon - Death in the Arena, the upcoming fantasy gladiator combat game.