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Acheson Creations is open for business, and being a one person operation, I do not expect to close due to the Covid19 virus.  Please continue to place your orders during our sale that lasts through the 30th of September. 

I am shipping orders most days of the week and expect to continue to do so...and again thank you for your business during what is a difficult time for the nation.


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Everything on our website will be 20% off, and 40% off for our 14/7 Club Members. 

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Bridge of Sorrows

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Product Description
Bridge of Sorrows

Scale: 28mm

This 19-inch-long bridge is ideal for playing games that take place in the dark and enchanted forest or in Cthulhu’s domain of R’lyeh. Whether your character is heeding the Lovecraftian Call or is readying to encounter dark elves or trolls in a forbidden realm, the Bridge of Sorrows is an amazing sight to see! Just don’t lose your sanity while crossing it!