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20-40% Off Sale

"Elfhunter," the premier novel in a new and wonderful series by C.S. Marks, is the first of the tales of Alterra, the World That Is. It concerns the adventures of an unlikely pair of heroines, Gaelen and Nelwyn, who are Wood-elves of the Greatwood Forest. They are drawn into a quest to defend all the Elves of Alterra as they seek to destroy the Elfhunter, a monstrous entity intent on exterminating the Elves until none remain...

Elfhunter games and game pieces are coming soon to Acheson Creation. To learn more about the world of Alterra and Elfhunter, Enter Here.

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CS Marks-Elfhunter

Gaelen the Wood Elf

PALÁN, the Wood Elf (Elfhunter by...


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Gorgon Elfhunter

Gorgon Elfhunter (Elfhunter by C.S....


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Olca on Boar

Olca on Boar (Elfhunter by C.S....


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