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Acheson Creations' Spring Sale is now on through November 15 (US time). Everything on our website will be 20% off, and 40% off for our 14/7 Club Members. 


Note - all prices that you see on the site are at their 20% off price.  There is no coupon code or special process for you to go through.


Join Our 14/7 Club and receive 40% off of list prices for the sale. After receiving your confirmation email, log in and see 40% off now, and 20% off everything in the store after the sale is over - plus 50% on selected 14/7 products.



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Marks & Waks Launch New Books at Gen Con Indy 2013

Authors CS Marks and VJ Waks Launch new Books at Gen Con Indy 2013 August 15 - 19 Get first run, autographed copies of VJ Waks' and CS Marks' new books at ComicCon Chicago, Aug. 8-11th and in in Authors Alley Gen Con Indy August 15-19. 'I don't want to go among mad people.' Yet that is what Caspian Hythe must do -- and for how much longer? In a place once safe and sane, madness and worse now flourishes. Within a frenzied wave of horror and death -- from out of a rupture in the very fabric of space and time -- a gauntlet has been thrown. Now he must return -- to combat an Evil that hungers for much more than mere dominion. It seeks the Future itself. In a world turned upside down, and backwards, He will enter the Looking Glass How much of a man's world, how much of his life will he risk to possess everything he has ever wanted? Rain--King and Warrior,stern and duty-bound. Who could have foreseen hw would ever encounter the one who would change his life forever? But he does. From the creator of the beloved World of Alterra comes a tale of passion and determination., of sacrifice and courage. Rain has found a foe he cannot overcome with sword or strategy.

Acheson Creations KickStarter to present 14 new items into our existing American Frontier product line.

Wargaming in the American Frontier era is growing in popularity. Acheson Creations already offers a diverse range of 28mm tabletop terrain for this category including various log cabins, longhouses, and more. We are launching this KickStarter campaign to offer more options with greater diversity. To start, we have 14 new products that include various wigwams for the Native Americans and timber buildings for the Settlers and Pioneers. Each design is handmade and then hand cast in a durable urethane plastic, ready for retail. Many of the initial items are already underway and by the end of this campaign, all the masters will be ready to mould. Your support will enable us to take these new designs and put them into production. And as the video suggests, if we reach our goal we have a variety of Stretch Goals in mind including additional buildings and also pewter figure packs, accessories, and more. Pledge today! Learn More Here

Spring 2013 Shows

This just in from Bryan "Stratos" Borgman:   I'll be at Cincycon (www.cincycon.org) as a vendor all Friday, all Saturday, and until Noon on Sunday (March 1 - 3). I'm bringing my full trade stand of Acheson Creations terrain & miniatures (www.achesoncreations.com). I'll have a lot of historical terrain, All Things Zombie, Kaiju Kaos, and Primaeval Designs miniatures and some rule books from Two Hour Wargames.   I've already received a couple special orders to have ready for the show. If you would like to make sure I'm carrying something specific, email me by this Sunday, Feb 17th or I can't guarantee I'll have it in stock.   Thanks, Bryan K Borgman (aka Stratos) Trade Show Manager for Acheson Creations www.achesoncreations.com   BTW: I'll be at Cold Wars in Lancaster, PA (www.coldwars.org) March 7-10 as well.   Game On!

Acheson at Little Wars April 26-28

Acheson Creations will be returning to Little Wars on April 26-28, 2013. We will have stock of our new and most popular items for sale including many of our Ancients, American Frontier, Kaiju Kaos, Fortress Pacific, and Primaeval Designs items. If attendees want to order now and pick up at the show or just see something in particular from our product range, all requests need to be in by April 15th. Please mention the Club discount and please include the attached photos in the press announcement to TMP and TGN. Also include these photos to the Kaiju Kaos product page.

Kaiju Kaos People Eater Unleashed

Acheson Creation Releases its next Kaiju Kaos Mercenary – the People Eater   Acheson Creations announces the arrival of the next in their line of Kaiju Kaos products, the towering People Eater, priced at $60.00USD (unpainted only at this time). Paint them any color you want, when the People Eaters show up, prepare for Armageddon. As harbingers of doom for the World Devourer, People Eaters appear on a planet to incite panic and disarray before their master consumes the world whole. In addition to their gnarled teeth and sonic bursts, People Eaters employ a variety of telepathic abilities to harm those who cross their path. Designed by Cline Siegenthaler, this monster stands 20cm (12 3/4 inches) tall, with a 20cm 8 inch) diameter base, and an impressive 25cm (10 inch) wing span.