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New 14/7 Membership Club Announced

The Offer:14/7 Members Club members receive 20% off retail prices on all our products in any product line purchased directly through Acheson Creations.At least three times each year, Acheson Creations will release a special item available to 14/7 Members Club members at a reduced final price of $7.00. The retail price for non- members will be $14.00. (The additional club savings of 20% off does not apply to this item.)Members will be sent a membership card with ID #.  Present the card and personal ID to receive your club benefits at the Acheson Creations booth at any show or convention.Cost:14/7 Members Club membership is $30.00 per year.Shipping:Both 14/7 Members Club members’ and non-members’ shipments in the USA are eligible for free shipping on orders of $100.00 or more.Shipments outside of the USA are eligible for free shipping on orders of $200.00 or more.   Exclusions: 20% discount does not apply to painted or collectors edition prices.   Learn More...

Kaiju Kaos Pumpkin Gobbler and Pumpkin Muncher

Acheson Creations has launched two new Pumpkins to the Sinister Scarecrows of Kaiju Kaos   Silas Murphy (aka the Pumpkin Whisperer) has the enchanted ability to trap lost souls of the Living within inanimate objects such as scarecrows and pumpkins. Silas raised his personal army of Sinister Scarecrows to combat the Wicked Werewolves responsible for his wife’s death. While not the most powerful army in weaponry or Size, the Sinister Scarecrows are large in numbers and are skilled in close quarters, plus they are a truly horrifying sight to see on the battlefield.   With the Talisman of Camulos, Silas is able to trap lost souls in pumpkins and animate them. When the Rift awoke Kaijin and Kaiju of various sizes, Silas bolstered his army of Sinister Scarecrows with giant pumpkin monsters known as Munchers and Gobblers. Gobblers are able to take down Gugs, full grown dinosaurs, and other oppositions, often devouring them whole!   All Kaiju Kaos miniatures are designed for play with other 28mm (1:56 scale) gaming miniatures. Pumpkin Gobblers are Size 4 Giants which means they have a 4 inch diameter base. Gobblers (above) stand roughly 2.5 inches tall. Pumpkin Munchers (below) are Size 2 Giants which means they have a 2 inch diameter base. Pumpkin Munchers are Size 2 Giants which means they have a 2 inch diameter base. Munchers stand roughly 1.5 inches tall.   Complete game stats for Pumpkin Gobblers can be found in Kaiju Kaos – The Miniatures Game, Basic Rules and supplements at WargameVault.com (WargameVault.com)

Kaiju Kaos joins Acheson Creations

From the mind of Bryan "Stratos" Borgman comes a 28mm (1:56 scale) tabletop skirmish game featuring humans, werewolves, scarecrows, zombies, Giant Apes, and Colossal Kaiju called Kaiju Kaos!   Check out this new line of game pieces!

First Tau4 figure released - Palàn

New Acheson Creations releases Palàn, first of the TAU 4 SeriesAcheson Creations announces the arrival of the first in their line of products for the TAU4 series of books by noted author VJ Waks, the Palàn, priced at $18.00USD.This mounted raptor is modeled in 28mm (1:56 scale).

Acheson Welcomes VJ Waks and Tau 4

The perfect killing machine. That's what the Homeworld Alliance wants in their war against the Outworlds. but the perfect killing machine in this case is made of flesh and blood.......   A new science fiction series chronicling the transformation of Gerda Tau, a humanoid creature struggling for freedom, "Tau 4" by V. J. Waks is a superbly crafted work that will engage the reader's total attention from beginning to end. Tau 4 games and game pieces are coming soon to Acheson Creation.   Enter the world of Gerda Tau. . .