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Undine the Water Elemental

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Undine, the Water Elemental (RABBITHOLE by V.J. WAKS)

Undine, the Water Elemental



"It rose from the water itself. There were words in the song, pure and sweet and ethereal, full of the story of water – of liquid rising and falling, of water dropping as rain, pattering from ice daggers as they melted into life giving streams, as rivulets that sparkled and rippled with the music of the earth itself.

And throughout the song streamed colour. Sapphire, royal blue, opal, the light- filled shades of every sea on earth were in the melody that rose, and Ava stared down at the water that now slowed in its ascent. The water’s surface moved, for something was crawling up the flooded stairs, taking them one by one, as it made its way up through the water, drawing closer and closer to them.

Finally, she beheld it clearly – the creature with hair long and streaming, hair that floated about a face half maiden and half fish, a woman whose wide eyes were so nearly human, whose gills fluttered, opening and closing softly, in time with the tide that was heard and felt, yet was utterly unseen. Her body, nearly at the surface now, was clothed in sheer fabric that sparkled – or was it Her skin, covered with countless scales, minute and trembling, like scintillating sparks of rainbow- hued droplets catching a hidden moon’s iridescent light?

The Undine’s head reached and broke the water’s surface. As Her form passed above it, and as She rose to stand, Her feet remained bathed in dark, flowing water, and words came to float in the air, even as Her hair lifted and swirled about the face of the Elemental."

Scale: 28MM (1/56 scale)
2 1/3 inches (60mm) tall
Designed by Chris Elizardo