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The Gryphon

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"The girl turned Knight had every appearance of calm; the young man could scarcely contain his wonder. For, there in plain sight, finally, was the creature that did not exist – the Gryphon.

Larger than a puma, it was longer and much more massive. Sporting long, upright ears, a thing half eagle, half lion was paces away. The copper feathers of the head and breast merged seamlessly into a short pelt that extended the length of the animal’s body to its hindquarters. Scales graced the front of its legs and forepaws, paws that took the form of bird-like claws with long sharp talons at their tips.

The creature stopped before them, and nonchalantly sat down upon its haunches. Even still, the crest of its feathered head reached waist high. A sharply curved beak – tainted with fresh blood – clacked softly.

Its large eyes, copper and green, and sparkling with intelligence, coolly yet attentively took in the humans, who started when the creature unexpectedly flicked open and then folded its wings, wings that were more than two meters wide at full extension.


Scale: 28MM (1/56 scale)
hEIGHT 1 1/3 IN (35MM)
Designed by Chris Elizardo