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Bug Tunnel Set

Bug Tunnel Set - STL Only

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Product Description
Bug Tunnel Set - STL Files Only

Bug Tunnel Set ($115 value) includes STL files that you can use to print these parts:

- 1 x 15SF51 Desert Entrance (large), 
- 1 x 15SF52 Desert Entrance (small),
- 1 x 15SF53 Tunnel Entrance Cliff Face,
- 8 x 15SF54 Tunnel, Straight,
- 4 x 15SF55 Tunnel, Corner,
- 1 x 15SF56 Tunnel, "T" Junction,
- 2 x 15SF57 Tunnel, End,
- 1 x 15SF58 Tunnel, End...Egg Chamber,
- 1 x 15SF59 Tunnel End, Cocooned Victims,
- 1 x 15SF60 Tunnel, Straight, Entrance in Floor (small),
- 1 x 15SF61 Tunnel Cover, Straight Section