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Elasmotherium Herd

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Elasmotherium Herd

Time: Pliocene (Asia)

Elasmotherium Herd

Elasmotherium  "Thin Plate Beast"  existed from the late Pleiocene through the Pleistocene periods in Eurasia. Its estimated that their largest size was 16 feet in length... 6' 7" at the shoulder and probably weighed some 4.5 tonnes.

Time: Pliocene (Asia)
Type: Herbivore
Size: 8.9 feet(2.7 meters) height
20 feet (6meters) length
7 tons weight
Scale: 28MM (1/56 scale)


Each Model:
3 1/2" length
1 1/4" Height

Base size:
3" Length
1 1/4" Width