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The designers and mould makers of our company have a tradition of craftsmanship that goes back to the mid 1800's.  Since that time members of our family have been cabinetmakers, patternmakers, molders, casters, artists, engineers and designers.
The members of Acheson Creations continue that tradition as trained patternmaker, millwright, molder, sculptor, casters and designers who have skills going back over 30 years in both North America and Europe. Our product is of a high standard and we stand behind its quality and the continuing tradition of our ancestors.


28mm Painted Terrain

This includes a new Sci Fi range that will commence with buildings, terrain and equipment that will populate a world of smugglers, slavers, farmers, final hope colonists and both small and large tech companies that are prepared to sell to questions asked!

We will start the project with the farmers in the outlying regions and then work our way inwards toward the main colony. Even though most of the structures will use the readily available stone for building material...the closer we get to the main colony the more use of tech will become apparent in the building designs.

We expect to launch a new building every four to six weeks along with a number of smaller tech pieces of equipment. Also from the first launch of this exciting new range we will offer a very limited number of high quality painted examples of these structures. You will also be able to commission pieces in your own personal colors.

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28mm Hand Painted Terrain

Environmental Survival Tent - Hand Painted - Turquoise

Environmental Survival Tent - Hand Painted

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