Welcome to our monthly survey that will allow you, our customers to select the next products we will produce. The masters are completed so please vote and let us know what you think. Each month there will be a new survey that will bring buildings, figures. vehicles, dinosaurs, Pre-Historic Mammals or Modern Mammals into the market...so come and participate! 

TThe winner of our December survey is the Deinosuchus .For the month of January we are showing you some of our new accessories pieces that will be produced in pewter.

Also, during the month of January the Giant Sloth that won the November survey will come into production. Again thank everyone for their participation and please join us again this month and vote.

Which of these products should we finish next for our 28mm Pewter Accessories
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The designers and mould makers of our company have a tradition of craftsmanship that goes back to the mid 1800's.  Since that time members of our family have been cabinetmakers, patternmakers, molders, casters, artists, engineers and designers.
The members of Acheson Creations continue that tradition as trained patternmaker, millwright, molder, sculptor, casters and designers who have skills going back over 30 years in both North America and Europe. Our product is of a high standard and we stand behind its quality and the continuing tradition of our ancestors.